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You can add a comment to any post if you want to communicate with me. You DON’T need to register with to do so. You don’t need to create a blog and you don’t need a username and password. Just select the post and make your comment.   I have an RSS feed for the comments so I will be notified you have posted one.


4 responses to “Making Comments

  1. I would wonder what you opinion on the article about california pressing charges on HP. Will it significantly hurt HP’s stock?


  2. I don’t think it will have any effect in the long term. Some people may get wary right now for a while, but I think HP stock value will be governed by what they do in the business. Hurd (CEO) seems to be pretty good at generating increasing value through streamlining operations, and the business can still use more of that. And Dell is falling off, so there is room for HP to compete.


  3. ” what is the behavior of opportunity cost as we down the A: a straight line production possibility curve B: A bow-in PP Curve


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