Marshall Fisher

One of the top people in the field of supply chain management and logistics also is a leader in the field of optimization, haveing written one of the most famous papers about Lagrangean methods.

Marshall L. Fisher Faculty Profile – The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

UPS Transportation Professor for the Private Sector; Professor of Operations and Information Management
Co-Director,Fishman-Davidson Center for Service and Operations ManagementPhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970; SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969; SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965

Research Areas
Supply chain management, retailing

Recent Consulting
Technical support on vehicle routing, DART, Inc, 1989-90; Logistics planning, Campbell Soup, 1989; Manufacturing strategy, Scott Paper, 1989-90; Supply chain restructuring, Century Products, 1994, London Fog, 1994, Lutron,1995-96; Charming Shoppes, 1995, Spiegel, 1996; General Motors, 1996; Americold, 1996, IBM, 1998; Ahold, 1997-98; Anderson Consulting, 1998

Current Projects
Sloan Foundation Industry study of retailing. Managing logistics supply chains to improve the ability to match supply with demand for short-lifetime, high-fashion products with volatile demand. Managing Product Portfolios in an environment of high product variety.

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