Question on HW – Macro

With regards to Homework #3 and #4, what chapters would you like us to do? I know in Homework #3, Chapter 8 and 9 are crossed out because we did that on the last midterm. But chapters 12 and 13 are in red text is that something particular we need to know about? Thank You!
Best Regards- Maxine Kantor

This exam will cover chapters 10-16 with emphasis on 10-15.  You should do the homework problems for those chapters.  If there is something in red it does not matter. I did use the track changes feature in word (control-shift-E) to edit the assignments at some time in the past.  If you see the “Final showing markup” in the track changes toolbar, just click the dropdown to “Final” and they will disappear (not forever, unfortunately…that is something i did not know when i made the assignments).

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