Moodle upgrade




Initializing Parameters – Done.
Generating MySQL Backup – Done.
Generating Files Backup – Done.
Copying New Files – Done.

Upgrade completed

Your installation of Moodle was upgraded.
You can view it here:

You must visit the above URL and follow the instructions provided. Or else the upgrade won’t be completed.

Please save following information. You will need it in order to restore if something went wrong

If you don’t have SSH access, ask support to help you:

– Remove the directory /home/drbruce2/public_html/onlineu

– Untar /home/drbruce2/fantastico_backups/onlineu.backup.1331823434.tgz

– Empty the database drbruce2_mdle1

– Import the file /home/drbruce2/fantastico_backups/onlineu/backup.sql into the database drbruce2_mdle1

– Move /home/drbruce2/fantastico_backups/onlineu to /home/drbruce2/public_html/onlineu

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