Dutch debut clean, automated ship recycling solution

Shipbreaking is one of the most difficult problems for those with a concern about ESG. It touches all three areas.

Environmentally, in most shipbreaking operations in places like Bangladesh, ships are simply driven ashore, potentially dumping fuel and other waste into the water. Then, numerous local workers armed with acetylene torches climb all over them cutting up the steel, for which they are paid piecework, by the pound. The labor is very dangerous, but it’s the only source of work in those areas. And because ship owners are governed by the laws of the registry state, there is virtually no ability to enforce any rules on their behavior.

Developed countries are trying to come up with ways of shipbreaking with higher standards. In this article we see that the Dutch firm Circular Maritime Technologies International (CMT) is introducing a new automated way of shipbreaking.

This is an excellent response to a problem that has existed for years, but is just coming into public consciousness.

Sam Chambers September 16, 2022

Dutch debut clean, automated ship recycling solution – Splash247

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