Illinois trucking company’s sudden shutdown leaves team drivers stranded, unpaid

The story documented here is unfortunately all too common today. Truckers are routinely mistreated by trucking firms like this one in the story. And they keep going out of business then reopening and doing the same thing.

Regulators should have the power to put teeth in penalties for this kind of bad behavior, and should without question block future registration when firms close down like this. The article indicates that the wife of the owner of the firm has opened another small trucking firm, which will probably do the same thing to new marks.

I’m tired of writing about mistreatment of truckers. I have great respect for legitimate firms that take care of their drivers. The US should not let bad actors destroy drivers’ lives this way. It’s going to be very difficult to attract new drivers when it’s so easy to be scammed.

Perhaps the Department of Transportation could take a stab at fixing this issue by denying registrations after a background check.

Mayor Pete, it’s up to you!

Clarissa Hawes·Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Illinois trucking company’s sudden shutdown leaves team drivers stranded, unpaid – FreightWaves

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