Ammonia-powered West Australia to East Asia green corridor in five years

The West Australia – East Asia Iron Ore Green Corridor Consortium has released a study showing the way for a green corridor to use ammonia fuel. The study looked closely at the capability of the ports to provide ammonia bunkering and sources of clean ammonia.

Ammonia-powered ships could be a reality quickly, because the engine architecture is very similar to current marine engines. However, storage of ammonia bunkers at sea is still an issue, and safety standards have not yet been designed.

The consortium started in November of 2021, with major charterers BHP and Rio Tinto, and shipping companies Oldendorff Carriers and Star Bulk Carriers working jointly to make the corridor successful.

I was unsuccessful in finding a copy of the actual report online. but it’s good news, because this route is one of the major world bulk carriage routes, and reductions in emissions will be helpful.

Sam Chambers May 15, 2023

New study finds ammonia-powered capes will be ready to depart from Australia within five years – Splash247

Shipping Lines and Miners Join to Form Australia-Asia Green Corridor


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