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Oklahoma PhD in Organizational Leadership

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MS Logistics SCM – Michigan State

Eli Broad College of Business
Eli Broad College of Business – Curriculum

Eli Broad College of Business

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) program is designed for individuals who wish to expand their supply chain management knowledge but cannot afford to put their careers on hold to participate in a full-time degree program. It is an innovative blend of in-residency classes and e-learning segments taught by leading-edge researchers, teachers and practitioners in the field.

Professionals are returning to universities to acquire a specific, deeper knowledge of supply chain practices and technologies to enhance their professional value. Companies are interested in individuals who have solid business skills, decision-making capabilities and a good understanding of the latest technology developments. They are looking for leaders who have the confidence and capability to bring new ideas to the search for enhanced organizational performance.

The MSSCM program augments a student’s understanding of the role of supply chain management in enterprise strategy. It also introduces students to current SCM operating practices, analysis methods, technology applications and strategy development. It incorporates a rigorous cross-functional blend of courses focusing on the relationship of supply chain management to information technology and innovation processes. In addition, the program offers classes in financial and managerial accounting, marketing and finance to students lacking an undergraduate business background.

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MBA/MS Logistics Maryland

MBA/MS Logistics Curriculum
MBA/MS Overview
MBA/MS Logistics Curriculum


BULM 730 Transportation Management (3 credits)

A study if the fundamental differences among the various transportation modes in terms of their basic cost structures, market competition, and service characteristics. The wide range of issues facing managers in each of the transportation modes including decisions on market entry, pricing, competitive responses, service levels, capital structure, and growth objectives in a deregulated environment. The decisions of transportation managers in other countries are presented for international comparisons.

BULM 732 Logistics Management (3 credits)

Theoretical and case material is used to analyze managerial decisions related to business logistics. The many trade-offs faced by a logistics manager are examined such as the trade-off between inventory levels and mode of transportation used, the trade-off between inventory levels and customer service, and the trade-offs that should be made if they reduce total logistics costs or increase company profits.

BULM 742 Managing Technology in Supply Chain (3 credits)
Pre-requisite: BUSI 671

Provides an overall framework for analyzing e-supply chain enterprise-wide portals. Demonstrates the ability to link various supply chain and enterprise resource planning applications through middleware at the portal level. All supply chain participants (including suppliers and customers) share a common portal view linked to a single shared database. Hands-on learning experience with commercial portals and applications.

BULM 744 Real-Time Management of Supply Chains (3 credits)
Pre-requisite: BUSI 671

Explore real-time or net-centric supply chain management and the technological, organizational and managerial drivers and practices associated with it. Students conduct a rapid assessment of a company’s logistics/supply chain with the accompanying infrastructure technology and supply chain applications in order to develop capability to design and execute a strategic plan for creating a real-time e-supply chain capability as well as estimating it.

MBA/MS Logistics Curriculum

MS in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Logistic & Transportation Focus) (30 credits)

Updated Summer 2005
Logistics/Transportation Core (12 credits):
BULM 730 Transportation Management
BULM 732 Logistics Management
BULM 742 Managing Technology in the Supply Chain
BULM 744 Managing the Real-Time Supply Chain

Six Approved Electives** (18 credits):
Possible electives could include:
BUDT 724 Operations Management
BUDT 732 Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets
BUSI 790 Management of Technology
BULM 759 Independent Study in Business and Management (variable credits)
BMGT 808x Seminar in Logistics and Transportation

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