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Truck freight matching as factoring

Some large unicorn startups are targeting freight matching for truckers as a great way to guarantee better utilization of trucks for smaller independent truckers, and offer the additional benefit of helping sustainability. Empty return trips are definitely a source of unnecessary air pollution.

Two big ones are Convoy in the US, and Zeus Labs in the UK. The concept is Uber-like and simple: match freight that has to move with trucks looking for a load. It’s easily handled with software. So far, so good.

Now these large, well-capitalized firms are using their financial power to offer factoring to their trucker clients. In effect, the truckers are selling their freight invoices to the large firms for ready cash of something like 80% of the value. The claim in the article is ‘up to 85%”. It’s up to the factors then to collect the full value of the invoice, possibly as much as 90 days later. This is due to the ‘slow pay’ practices of many shippers.

This factoring or loaning of money could be useful for a trucker, in order to get paid right after delivering the load. The question is whether the price is right. The factor can make a lot of money due to the reduced payment for the invoices. It clearly is a good business for the factor.

But as in small business everywhere, it’s not always the best policy to sell your invoices for early money. The discount may be too high to offer a decent profit on the trip. Truckers might be trapped by the idea of quick money into reducing their profits from each load by too much to sustain them. It’s a classic small business risk, that has to be examined closely.

I’m not sure truckers are all prepared to make this evaluation. But the offer of early payment can be attractive.

By Charlie Bartlett, Technology Editor 25/04/2022

Frenzy of investment as truck freight matching oils the wheels – The Loadstar

Trucking costs rise as US freight traffic grows – but the momentum is slowing

Recent data show that trucking costs are still rising, but not as fast as before.

One interesting fact is the decline in Midwest trucking volume. Auto makers have cut production by 30%, and the Midwest is struggling economically. This means less demand for trucking services.

But overall, truckload shipment volumes were still up slightly, continuing the trend.

This article has some nice numbers which define the trend. It would be nice to see a graph of the history of some of the numbers, like the average fuel charges. These are surcharges for fuel that trucking companies add to freight invoices because diesel fuel is elevated in price beyond some ‘norm’ they have decided they ought to pay.

By Ian Putzger in Toronto 21/10/2021

Trucking costs rise as US freight traffic grows – but the momentum is slowing – The Loadstar