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Core Curriculum
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The list of required courses in the program are below. Nine courses are required. Attendance to a series of seminars offered in the Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering is also required. Each seminar is typically a 2 hour technical talk given by OSU or invited faculty.
Required Courses

M&L 882 (Logistics Software & Technology – 4 cr.)

To provide strong knowledge and understanding of the tools and software being used in logistics and supply chain management; and interaction with industry professionals.

Sp Qtr. 2 2-hr cl.

M&L 881 (Analysis and Design of Logistics Systems – 4 cr.)

A quantitative course in logistics covering forecasting, vehicle routing, facility location and network design.

Wi Qtr. 2 2-hr cl.

M&L 880 (Logistics Management- 4 cr.)

Management of movement services and coordination of demand and supply patterns for optimization of physical systems in terms of cost and customer service.

Au, Sp Qtrs. 2 2-hr cl.

M&L 784 (Principles of Transportation – 4 cr.)

Study of general economic characteristics and government regulation of rail, motor, water, air, and pipeline carriers; consideration of competitive relations between modes of transportation, basic aspects of traffic management.

Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. 2 2-hr cl.

M&L 782 (Logistics Decision Making – 4 cr.)

Analysis of decision making in the current logistics environment and the methods needed for finding solutions to integrated logistics problems.

Wi, Sp Qtrs. 2 2-hr cl.

ISE 881 (Seminar Series – 2 cr.)

Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs. This course is graded S/U.

ISE 802 (Operations Research Models and Methods – 3 cr.)

Examines many basic OR models including the knapsack, traveling salesman, newsboy, and secretary problems; and random walk and queuing models, algorithmic concepts are discussed.

Wi Qtr.

ISE 762 (Warehouse & Facility Design – 4 cr.)

Study and apply the technical aspects of warehouse design and management. Included are issues of storage and retrieval, docking designs, layout, and materials handling.

Sp Qtrs.

ISE 704 (Introduction to Discrete System Simulation – 4 cr.)

Introduction to the analysis of systems via discrete-event simulation models, generation of random variables, testing random number generators, fitting distributions to data, output analysis.

Wi Qtr. 2 2-hr cl.

ISE 702 (Mathematical Programming: Linear – 3 cr.)

Convex and concave problems, global solutions, extreme point solutions, degeneracy, the Simplex methods, duality, complementary slackness, sensitivity analysis, parametric programming, and applications.

Au Qtr.

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