World’s first zero-emissions ship comes step closer

This headline caught my eye. In the ocean shipping business we are used to think of ships as big polluters. In fact, here it says that ships account for 25% of all GHG emissions in the EU.

Now here in Chicagoland, we like to barbecue.   And last night I attended the Intermodal Association of Chicago monthly dinner, where a significant proportion of the listeners were truckers. We heard that an 18-wheeler with a 2006-2010 clean diesel engine would have to travel 143 miles to generate as much particulates as grilling one hamburger.  So I wonder if the Europeans could not get the same results by grilling fewer hamburgers.

World’s first zero-emissions ship ‘comes step closer’, International Shipping News, Shipping News, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Online Daily Newspaper on Hellenic and International Shipping.



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