‘ineffective’ programmes for shifting road freight

It appears that many times shifting road traffic to rail can not be proved to improve environmental or congestion issues.  It’s because there was no metric established, and no strategy in place to measure achievements.

It also seems that in Europe, which this article is about, some of the projects put under the aegis of the funding were going to be done anyway for other reasons!  An example of credit for the uninvolved.

In the US many companies are shifting freight for longer hauls to rail intermodal from long haul trucks.  How can we measure the true environmental and social benefits of doing this? And compare them to the downside, like more handling?

I believe sustainability doesn’t just happen out of altruism. If we measure it and find value, we’ll be motivated to do it.

End ‘ineffective’ programmes for shifting road freight to rail say auditors – Lloyd’s Loading List.


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