Belgian website computes intermodal costs and CO2 burden

A simulator from Belgium to compute the price and CO2 differences for export and import of containers from ports to a variety of inland locations. The basic plan is to show in terms of cost and co2 emissions how much savings can be achieved by using intermodal transport over one-mode transport. It is based on simple layers of standard GIS models.  Home – Vaart in je vracht / Voort op het spoor.

Unfortunately for me the site is in Dutch, so I don’t understand much.  but there are several papers in English about the system. Here’s one.

Cathy Macharis, Lieselot Vanhaverbeke, Tom van Lier, Ethem Pekin, Dries Meers.   Bringing intermodal transport to the potential customers: An interactive modal shift website tool. Research in Transportation Business & Management 5 (2012) 67–77.


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