Why NVOs Like Congestion

It is interesting that NVOCCs grow market share and business when there’s congestion.  It is because they are information hubs, in my opinion.    They can quickly establish a few shipments to a port different from the prearranged one. Also interesting: some of the shipments are essentially at zero profit.

According to the authors data come from the House Bills of Lading reported to the CBP.

Here’s the actual report:

PIERS_NVOCC_Whitepaper__2015 NVOCC penetration


This report examines the NVOCC market providing comparison providing ocean carriers, NVOCCs, importers and exporters a macro-assessment of performance.

Source: Download Our Latest Whitepaper: Why NVOs Like Congestion Plus Market Dynamics: Imports & Exports 1H2015 vs. 1H2014


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