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Secondary services suffer as carriers eye ‘container gold rush’ to the US

Oean carriers are redeploying ships from lower-paying to higher-paying routes, leaving some with no way to transport their goods. The article explains how ships are being reassigned, leaving too few ships on a route to keep the schedule going. Give it a look!

Currently, they are adding ships to the Asia-US routes which charge over $10,000 per container. They are leaving routes that charge on the order of $2000 per container.

You can see why they are doing it. They can get away with it because ships are only bound by the laws of the country they are flagged in. Most of these laws are weak. Port countries do have some say, but only the major world port countries can do much to change the behavior of the liners. And they would favor more ships for their key routes.

By Mike Wackett 15/09/2021

Secondary services suffer as carriers eye ‘container gold rush’ to the US – The Loadstar

UPS testing telematics watching truckers draws ire of union dissident group

Teamsters for a Democratic Union warns of driver harassment issues. The Teamsters Union itself has not expressed opposition. The problem has to do with visual devices that watch the road to tell the driver if she is drifting to the side or if there is a hazard there; and a device that monitors driving habits facing inward and monitors the driver.

It seems to me that current technology for lane monitoring would be better and is highly refined for passenger cars. For the UPS fleet it would be extremely costly to retrofit, so they are looking at a cheaper solution than buying new trucks. If they record the data, they could use it to discipline drivers that ‘wander too far around on the road’. would this be ethical? I don’t think we would like it if the driver’s license departments in your state could monitor your car system and decide to lift your license or retest you as a result. At some level we have to trust drivers to self-police and do the right thing.

We already have a lot of in-cab warning devices. We have lights, bells, and buzzers depending on the vehicle and the warning. Too many warning devices runs the risk that there are too many annoyances for the driver. I think the devil is in the details; what is actually in the cab for warning the driver now, and what are we adding?

Mark Solomon Friday, September 4, 2020

Cathay Pacific strips seats from 777 aircraft for cargo

I am fascinated by this article. What an innovative solution!

Many years ago my family and I took a trip to Guatemala. One of the highlights of my trip was going to see the Maya ruins at Tikal, which is in the jungle in the central Peten area far east of Guatemala City. There aren’t any roads to get there, so you had to fly.

We got on our plane (a DC-3) at the Guatemala City airport. All seats were occupied with passengers going to the jungle area. The flight was one of those hedgehoppers, only a couple of thousand feet above the ground, right above the trees. We made several stops.

Finally we arrived at the town of Flores, on the shores of Lake Peten Itza. The stewardess (that is what they were, then!) informed us that the stop would be for a while, and we were allowed out on the tarmac in the steaming heat to wait while they refueled the plane.

As we watched, a group of men went into the plane. We wondered what they were doing. In a few minutes they started emerging, each one carrying a plane seat. This went on for a half hour, as many seats in the plane were removed and stacked on the tarmac.

Eric Kulisch Monday, August 10, 2020

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