How Much Did Carrier Alliances Really Contribute to NY-NJ Port Congestion?

This is an older (May 2015) article about the congestion situation at the port of New York/New Jersey and its relation to container shipping alliances.  It’s still true by and large. It is based on a Journal Of Commerce (JOC) article.  Chassis are still to blame in large part at these ports.  I’m sure there’s more to it if you’re inside.  But the point is clear.

Ports and Terminal operators need to address these downstream issues that affect how reliably cargo gets to end customers, and so do the ocean carriers.

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You might be disappointed to hear that port congestion probably won’t ease as much as you expected despite the agreement between the IWU and the PMA.

Source: If NY-NJ Port Congestion Persists: How Much Did Carrier Alliances Really Contribute? – Penn Intermodal Leasing, Inc


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