Disruption — a Bite Out of Logistics Jobs?

This article republished from UPS makes a case that logistics jobs will actually increase as new disruptive, labor saving technologies enter the supply chain.  Another important point is that it is 3PLs where the growth will be, not in the traditional material movement and storage fields, though those may grow.

I agree with the premise in general.  but it is important to note that different skills will be needed, so there may be some anxieties unless people decide to retrain themselves to be in a position to benefit from the changes.  In general that means learn about information systems and the technologies involved.  Most of the jobs will be in implementing and keeping running the new technologies, and in coaching users and customers to make the best of them.

A 3PL is often just an information hub at root, that consolidates and makes available the information required for shippers, carriers and customers to interact.  Most of the jobs there look like pure service jobs. Often they involve a knowledge of technology and excellent customer service or sales skills.


Rather than eliminating jobs, it’s far more likely that technologies and trends like 3D printing and crowdsourcing will have a positive impact on logistics and supply chain jobs.

Source: Will Disruption Take a Bite Out of Logistics Jobs? – Supply Chain 24/7


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