Legendary i2 Founder Sanjiv Sidhu: What’s Next for Supply Chain?

Here is a great video featuring Sanjiv Sidhu, founder of i2, which was one of the firms that invented modern supply chain software.  I was in industry when they were at the fore.  He’s a very perceptive observer. His big thrust is now on agility, and he asks really good questions and tries to answer them with his new company, called o9.

His punch line, near the end, is fascinating. When things don’t go as expected, we humans often have, or can dig out, the knowledge about what went wrong. But it’s very hard to get that into systems, so the next plans can take more into account.  He sees this as a key area for the future of supply chain planning software.  I’d bet on his ideas.

  Source: Supply Chain Thought Leaders Video Series: Legendary i2 Founder Sanjiv Sidhu on What’s Next for Supply Chain


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