New index to improve liner reliability

 mentions that the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE) and Cargosmart are defining a new index of carrier reliability.   Current reliability is around 80%. That means 1 in 5 ships are not arriving on time.

A good reliability index should prove useful to shippers trying to choose a carrier for their cargo.  If you need it on time, you need to pick a high reliability carrier.  Forwarders and NVOOCs, who buy blocks of slots on carriers’ ships for resale, will be moved to choose carriers who won’t cancel and who won’t delay the ships.  The index should also be useful to them.

I’ve been complaining for a while that carriers are not addressing the problem of erratic timing of shipments, and it’s a serious customer service issue for them. It’s time they started addressing it.  True, the larger ships made it more of a problem, but that is of their own doing. Customer service improvement costs money, but you make it up by holding onto good customers longer term.


via Shippers welcome plan for new index to improve liner reliability – The Loadstar


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