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How effective was aid to business during COVID-19?

This podcast moderated by David Wessel of Brookings is very informative. It’s an assessment of the success and failure of several programs of aid to businesses the US government put forth when COVID-19 started to dampen US business activity.

The level of financial support offered to businesses during the pandemic was unprecedented, and clearly kept the decline in consumption less serious than it was feared.

There has been a lot of criticism of these programs, some positive and some negative. It’s important to understand how the programs did work and how they did not. In the future we may be faced with other economic crises and we should know which features worked as intended and which did not, and why not.

It’s a good listen, and there is also a link to a transcript.

How effective was aid to business during COVID-19?

How effective was aid to business during COVID-19?

Challenge HOS final rule in federal court

Teamsters and several safety organizations have challenged the new HOS rules. It won’t keep them from going into effect; but it will point out that the new rules directly contradict previous findings of the FMCSA.

I’ve been waiting for such challenges. The HOS rules were negotiated with lots of deliberation a couple of years ago, and they represent losses of rights for employee truckers. Independent Owner-Operators may have a different view, since they are playing with their own money and time, and might prefer longer hours even if it is less safe.

Like not wearing a mask.

Link: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/breaking-news-safety-groups-teamsters-challenge-hos-rule-in-federal-court

By John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent Wednesday, September 16, 2020