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Shipping must review LNG use, as methane’s role in climate change is revealed

It seems polluting gases come from every burned fuel. Now we find that LNG, a fuel that is reputedly cleaner than heavy diesel oil for ships, is likely to create ‘leaked methane’ around the cylinders, allowing it to escape to the open air.

Apparently there are two types of LNG engines: one with ‘tight’ cylinders, and one with ‘loose’ cylinders. The ones with loose cylinders are much cheaper to install, but also leak the methane most. It’s thought that carriers will tend to install the cheaper ones.

By Nick Savvides 06/08/2021


Project develops gas turbine powered, 14K container ship

The ship design will be pre-approved by Lloyds Register. GE, Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea, and Lloyd’s Registry plan to build this container ship.

I’m also interested in the facilities for  container handling. It seems like a lot could be done there with innovative designs.

Lloyd's Register

With LNG fuelled gas turbines and electric motors, the design will be a clean powered ship with maximum efficiency and operational speed flexibility. Project further develops HHI and LR’s work on maximised and safe container loading and continues GE’s collaboration with LR on the COGES (COmbined Gas turbine, Electric and Steam) propulsion and power system technology.

Source: GE, HHI and LR sign project to develop gas turbine powered, electrically driven, 14K container ship design | Lloyd’s Register