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US Coast Guard boards MSC ship in ongoing California pipeline spill probe

It is possible that anchor dragging by a ship months ago was responsible for the pipeline spill off Huntingdon Beach CA that appeared just recently.

While it wasn’t a large spill, the sensitive nature of the area requires a full investigation.

Perhaps we will ultimately find out how the spill happened. The investigation will help ordinary folks reflect on the wisdom of allowing pipelines and drilling so close to large populated areas with beautiful, heavily used beaches.

Sam Chambers October 18, 2021

US Coast Guard boards MSC ship in ongoing California pipeline spill probe – Splash247

Shipping must review LNG use, as methane’s role in climate change is revealed

It seems polluting gases come from every burned fuel. Now we find that LNG, a fuel that is reputedly cleaner than heavy diesel oil for ships, is likely to create ‘leaked methane’ around the cylinders, allowing it to escape to the open air.

Apparently there are two types of LNG engines: one with ‘tight’ cylinders, and one with ‘loose’ cylinders. The ones with loose cylinders are much cheaper to install, but also leak the methane most. It’s thought that carriers will tend to install the cheaper ones.

By Nick Savvides 06/08/2021


Can green shipping scheme learn to ‘herd cats’?

This article provides a valuable perspective on sustainability. There seems to be, despite all odds, a rising tide of concern about the environment and sustainability behavior for maritime firms. Investors and insurers are starting to pay close attention to how ocean carriers and ships themselves are matching up to green standards. They want disclosure and frequent reporting of consistent, meaningful measures, not greenwashing.

So the odd news release isn’t enough. A company needs a sustainability charter and plan with measures of their progress in greening their business. It’s costly if you actually have to do concrete things, like replacing ships, installing scrubbers, and taking care of seafarers. Some companies are far ahead of others on this path. And it seems that now those firms will attract the investment they need, whereas others will need to work much harder to get it, at potentially higher rates.

It’s good for sustainability, and for the global environment. Economic pressure is what gets sustainability done.

Greg Miller, Senior Editor Thursday, October 8, 2020

Can green shipping scheme lick ‘herding cats’ dilemma? – FreightWaves