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Merchant fleet by flag and type of ship, 1980-2015

Thanks to Jan Hoffman and UNCTAD for giving us this source of data on the merchant fleet.  You can retrieve it in Excel format.

UNCTADstat Home page

UNCTADstat – Table view – Merchant fleet by flag of registration and by type of ship, annual, 1980-2015.


World’s largest container ship enters Panama Registry

Thanks to Ana Casaca for this item.  It’s notable that the drive for large ships is being motivated in part by environmental concerns.  Such a large vessel is 35% more efficient than smaller ones, and 35% less polluting.    There are 20 more in new build.

Panama_Maritime_Authority_new.jpgWorld’s largest container ship enters the Panama Registry | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.


Do these large ships increase port congestion? Some think so.  Port operators need to react and design clever ways of coping with the sudden arrival of almost 20000 containers each anxious to be on its way.  Are they up to it?

The fate of some ports depends on solving this dilemma fast.