Port Strategy – Under analysis

It’s interesting that ports, obviously part of the logistics processes, have not assimilated ideas from modern logistics to the extent needed.  This goes for all ports– gateways, feeder hubs, or transshipment hubs.  All need to rethink how they measure performance. No longer will the old metrics work.

It reminds me of the mining business years ago.  Mine managers were judged on metrics like tons per day and uptime– equipment utilization.   that was because in the boom times of the 80’s they could sell all they produced– they had supplier power.

Today in the port business things have changed. Because ports are part of the supply chains of many diverse firms, they need to pay attention to the service requirements of their customers.  Why?  Because as logistics teaches us, they must find out what the customers need to be successful and provide that—make their customers successful.  This means attention to service measures rather than production metrics.

This article outlines why ports need to use better analytics and new KPIs to manage their logistics enterprises. It’s from portstrategy.com


Port Strategy – Under analysis.


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