Warehouses on the edge

On the edge of large urban centers, that is.  And that is what Chicago, Will County, and Joliet have in abundance.  It’s one reason why the area is becoming economically attractive to firms who must distribute quickly to large urban area populations, such as e-tailers and manufacturing suppliers.  Add to it the ability to serve a large population inside the ‘truck’ radius of say 400 mi, and you have a hot spot for intermodal supply chain builders to locate here.  Just one of the opportunities research and study in Joliet brings.

Warehouses on the edge offer opportunities – Supply Chain Digital.


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    Also posted on my Supply Chain and Logistics Blog. USF is in the middle of one of the hot areas in supply management today, with ample warehouse capability and transportation links, as well as a large population hinterland. Read the little story inside about how hot local warehousing is becoming.


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