Government CIOs Urged to Hire IT Workers With Soft Skills

Woops, now the government needs to hire IT people with skills in relating to people and getting projects done! What a surprise, it has always been so.  (reposted from my google+ site!)

evening view of the lincoln memorial and washington monument reflected in the potomac river. 920316

Government CIOs Urged to Hire IT Workers With Soft Skills | CIO.

Ever since the 1980s when i was an IT executive, it was clear that IT people with skills at working in teams and dealing with users were a treasure.  Those that had their head in a terminal or who could not understand the business reason why software was needed had little value for the organization.  As the article states, technology is making such faults more intolerable.
So, IT practitioners, get out there and improve your business functional skills and understanding! Work on a team! get used to ambiguity and to compromising with your users and customers!

Any comments?


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