PortMiami enters ‘big ship era’ with new 50-foot harbor

Another in my line of port expansion documentations.  Note that no large cargo ships have yet committed to use the port.  So it’s totally on a bet!

American Shipper

Source: PortMiami enters ‘big ship era’ with new 50-foot harbor | AS Daily Newsletter | AS Daily | American Shipper

And there’s this!

Sun-Sentinel Logo

Talk about international trade in South Florida, and many people immediately think PortMiami.

Source: Port Everglades’ record trade tops PortMiami, study shows – Sun Sentinel

See also my posts before.

Charleston -‘Top 5’ container port by 2020?  And Port of Virginia!

“The Third Coast” Port of Houston

Wild spending for expanded port capacity. Suppose we spent all that money on mass transit, or on highways. We could fix a lot of problems.


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