Schneider Rolls Out Intermodal Cross Border Pilot

Here is an example of a 3PL taking the lead in establishing a supply chain corridor. They appear to have done it in Mexico by a relation with the large terminal in Toluca, MX (near Mexico City).    Four commodities, peat moss, pet food, soybean flour, and cream substitutes, can be moved in this manner.  the commodities can originate in Canada or the US.   I;m sure there was lots of cooperation with government and customs agencies, but it’s a wonder what can be done in supply chain integration by involving others and by using the power of information.

By streamlining the cross-border clearance and inspection service, there are fewer hand-offs in the process while saving intermodal shippers transit time and money.

Source: Schneider Rolls Out Intermodal Cross Border Pilot – Supply Chain 24/7


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