2015 I-NUF Conference

I spent an enjoyable three days at this conference on Urban Freight held in Long Beach, CA.

Source: 2015 I-NUF Overview | METRANS Transportation Center

My colleague Dr Chris Clott (SUNY Maritime) and I presented a paper on supply chain integration at the Chicago freight bottleneck.  Our discussion offered a method of discovering main supply chain corridors to and from the area, discussed some of the attempts to reduce congestion in the light of supply chain integration, and concluded that ports such as LA/Long Beach or New York may need to consider implementing long range corridor integration rather than focusing on improvements inside their region boundaries.

We’ve included some Pareto charts exemplifying our search for important corridors linking Chicago. Truck traffic is super-dominant in terms of dollar value over every other mode.  So why isn’t supply chain integration in the Chicago mega region looking hard at alleviating truck congestion?

Pareto ToCHI Domestic Multi Pareto ToCHI Domestic Rail Pareto ToCHI Domestic Truck




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