Team wins prize for rentable refrigeration in India

I found this outstanding example of entrepreneurship through the Supply Chain @ MIT blog.  It is a great case of entrepreneurs meeting a real need and shaping the product to fit it.  The extra advantage, and one all entrepreneurs should heed, is that many of the best ideas are  humanitarian, sustainable, and ethical, turning a problem real people (or creatures) have into something economically viable as well.  Hats off to these students.

Also note that MIT students (and Harvard students, I am bound to say, though my Princeton degree makes it harder) won the first 3 prizes!!

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Modular boxes that keep food shipments fresh win MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize.

Source: Team wins prize for bringing rentable refrigeration to India’s food supply chain | MIT News

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Modular Refrigeration Units Could Reduce Cold Chain Costs in India


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