Does buying a 3PL make sense to Wal-Mart?

A good article mostly about Wal-mart options for acquisition; but there are some good comments near the end about the three-way relation between carriers, shippers, and forwarders (3PLs) in the supply chain.  This little game is at the heart of the supply chain transformation in air, ocean shipping, and most any supply chain.  How do the three players coordinate on any shipment or any deal?

It’s not all technology, though IT will play a major part.  It’s a desire for transparency and for meeting standards that can be enforced. And Trust.  That is what’s in short supply.

Wal-Mart’s acquisition of is its response to the Amazon challenge; would buying a freight forwarder transform its supply chain?

Source: After its $3bn purchase of, does buying a 3PL make sense to Wal-Mart? – The Loadstar


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