Maersk firm strikes deal for 16 electric trucks

Maersk is one of the largest, and possibly the most advanced, ocean carriers. The LA/LongBeach ports have been a problem area for air pollution and sustainabiolity for many years. There’s no rail connection directly to the ports, and even so, rail is powered by diesel.

Presently containers are trucked to outlying areas like Riverside or San Bernardino where there are many distribution centers. Ocean containers are 40-feet long. They are often ‘transloaded’ to 53-foot trailers which are the standard size in the US, for long distance travel to the destination. That transloading is done at the distribution centers. Or cargo is delivered direct to customers within the LA basin.

Electric trucks have zero emissions when measured by today’s standards. They also should require substantially less maintenance, without an internal combustion engine (ICE). Using the trucks for these short hauls will reduce pollution near the ports, and also on the LA freeways. And with a fixed route they can be kept charged easily at charging stations near the port. It’s a good thing to try out.

Maersk has made a big point of their commitment to get to zero emissions by 2050. This is one more experiment in the process.

Volvo makes the trucks in Virginia, and they are supposed to be rolling off the assembly line by now.

1 September 2021 Port Technology International Team

Maersk firm strikes deal for 16 electric trucks across Southern California – Port Technology International

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