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Port of Houston mulls dwell measures to cope with record-breaking volumes

The Port of Houston is quickly becoming a major container import location. but some congestion is occurring and the dwell time of containers is increasing to close to 6 days, causing slowdowns in the yards. The port has adopted a plan to apply a dwell time fee for containers left beyond 6 days. It has not been actually enabled yet.

The port has also extended gate hours to allow drivers to access the yard over a longer period. We will see how many want to use the extended hours. At Los Angeles, the extended gate hours were not so successful, even with reduced charges for the extra time periods.

September 20, 2022 By Margherita Bruno

Port of Houston mulls dwell measures to cope with record-breaking volumes – Port Technology International

Supply chain decarbonisation needs partnerships to create a reaction

This discussion of a recent UNCTAD paper by Mikael Lind and Wolfgang Lehmacher sheds light on the complex problems facing shipping in the path to decarbonization. It spawned a whole chain of searches for me, to find out more about what some visionaries in the field are saying.

Admittedly seeing the future is fraught with risk. Scenario analysis gives one a sort of lay of the land. The article shows clearly how partnerships are essential since the problem is bigger than any one firm or country.

read the article, and follow some of the links; you’ll be rewarded with a view of the problems the maritime industry faces to decarbonize.

Nick Savvides 20/09/2022

Supply chain decarbonisation needs partnerships to create a reaction – The Loadstar

Plans primed to get more Ukrainian exports moving

Ukranian nationals can now work as seafarers abroad, to help relieve the shipping problems Ukraine has been seeing since the war with Russia started.

Russia and Ukraine have signed a Black Sea Grain Initiative which allows Ukranian goods to be shipped from three seaports in a safe corridor. Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat and other foodstuffs which are needed throughout the world. There’s a large inventory on hand from previous harvests. Fertilizer is also an export much needed in the rest of the world for agriculture. So far 44 ships carrying over 1 million tons have left through the seaports.

In a danger zone there is always a concern about seamen. Allowing Ukranians to serve as seamen will reduce the problem of finding crews for these vessels. Ukranian infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said Ukraine is ready to increase volumes to 3 million tons a month to prevent global food shortages.

Sam ChambersAugust 29, 2022

Plans primed to get more Ukrainian exports moving – Splash247