US freight rail links reach deal with unions

Unions have reached a deal with rail lines on a contract for the next five years.

There will be a 24% wage increase over the next five years, with 14.1% immediate, and five payouts of $1000 per worker.

The terms are along the lines recommended by the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB). The board was appointed to prevent workers from striking for 30 days while the disputants continued talking, and to make recommendations for a reasonable settlement.

This agreement should provide a framework for the additional unions that have not reached agreements yet.

It’s good to know that it’s likely there will not be a rail strike this fall to disrupt supply chains that use rail. We have enough disruptions now, and need to get back to something approaching normal in the rail industry.

Rail is currently viewed in the US as one of the major factors in port congestion today. The rails claim that they have labor shortages. The increased salaries might help them keep and recruit workers. The other factor is work load, and that will be determined by the interaction between the union workers and the management at the rail locations throughout the country.

August 30, 2022 ByJack Donnelly

US freight rail links reach deal with unions – Port Technology International

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