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US Coast Guard boards MSC ship in ongoing California pipeline spill probe

It is possible that anchor dragging by a ship months ago was responsible for the pipeline spill off Huntingdon Beach CA that appeared just recently.

While it wasn’t a large spill, the sensitive nature of the area requires a full investigation.

Perhaps we will ultimately find out how the spill happened. The investigation will help ordinary folks reflect on the wisdom of allowing pipelines and drilling so close to large populated areas with beautiful, heavily used beaches.

Sam Chambers October 18, 2021

US Coast Guard boards MSC ship in ongoing California pipeline spill probe – Splash247

Commentary: What makes Alaska’s oil industry unique?

This article showcases the difficulties of arctic oil production andlogistics. It is a very nice summary of the most important long term issues.

Of course there are many others, on the sustainability side, like devastation of the tundra habitat, and melting of the permafrost, which might have an effect on global climate. But the more direct impacts noted here show that it’s a tenuous business that only persists because people still need so much oil.

Article Link: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/commentary-what-makes-alaskas-oil-industry-unique

 Darren Prokop Monday, August 31, 2020

Tackling 2020 Sulfur Limits

Tackling 2020: the impact of the IMO and how shipowners can deal with tighter sulfur limits

This special report from S&P and Platts documents the issues for ocean carriers, and the strategies they might employ.  The report is detailed and interesting, and important reading for shipping executives.

Ocean shippers will be more tightly coupled into world petroleum markets, and their prices will be more volatile and depend on other supplies and demands, more so than before.  There’s potential for the supply of proper bunkers and its location to alter trade routes and even the profitability of some export trades, especially in agricultural products.

And the strategies ocean shipping owners can use are limited; they include noncompliance, too, which may get them in a lot of trouble, but would save a lot of money in upfront expense for scrubbers, new ships, or for a specialized fuel rather than MDO.

The report is well worth a read.  You have to register to get it, but it’s free.

plattslogo  Special report
The International Maritime Organization’s decision to tighten sulfur limits on bunker fuel has left shipowners with a dilemma they continue to brush aside. S&P Global Platts weighs up the options and the implications for the shipping industry, the market and refiners as the 2020 deadline approaches.

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