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New Paper Published

We just published an article in Research in Transportation Business and Management (RTBM). It’s called Fleet management for rail car transport of ethanol.

The “we” is Khalid Bachkar, Idrissu Aminu, Atif Osmani, and me.

The link here is good for 30 days; you can read for free. We hope you enjoy it.



Logistics Videos – DCV-TV – DC Velocity

A neat video source about supply chain and logistics. News, case studies. If you have time to watch a lot of video (I don’t), this might be good for you.

DC Velocity  DC VELOCITY is the market-leading media brand serving the informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of logistics including internal logistics within a distribution center or warehouse, external logistics relating to the transport of goods and freight, the overarching information technologies that support and integrate the two, and the strategies that optimize logistics.

Source: Logistics Videos – DCV-TV – DC Velocity

Capturing the Business Benefits of Student-Industry Collaboration

Here’s how to run student-centered research on supply chains.  Of course they are discussing masters and PhD students.

I find the technique is powerful at all levels of higher education. Projects force students to think deeply about an actual problem, and they also allow them to be creative in how to attack them.  The professor becomes more of a coach– no preaching, but lots of encouragement, and a bit of guidance to keep the goal in mind and the project on track.

I recommend exploring how a project would fit into your class routine, especially one involving an outside client as they do at MIT.

Source: Capturing the Business Benefits of Student-Industry Collaboration