Supersizing the Port of Long Beach

A great article on John Slangerup, the new head of the Port of Long Beach, CA, and the efforts to fit the port in better with supply chain realities.  An important feature: his outreach effort across the country to let people know the port will address supply chain issues for the end user of the cargoes.  That’s a big step forward, and it’s needed at all our ports.

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Supersizing the Port of Long Beach: Big plans to streamline logistics, grow capacity, and switch to ‘green’ power – The Orange County Register.


One response to “Supersizing the Port of Long Beach

  1. Yes, change is hard. But operational innovation is essential, and must be disruptive in scope. Ports and their partners must together commit to making the end-to-end supply chain performance better. Evidence from the past says that a principal component will be information exchange and what is called ‘visibility’ across all partners. The rest will come from infrastructure innovation, and from good old operations management problem solving.

    But unless enterprises that might be in competition learn to cooperate, it won’t be possible. Perhaps there needs to be a mind-set change in the shipping and port industry. Slangerup’s on the right track; other supply chains have been pioneering such changes for years.


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