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LA and Long Beach ports could learn from Mister Rogers

Cooperation seems to go out the window in tough times. But California’s ports have a long history of cooperation on clean air. I hope they will resolve differences soon and putthis behind us.

A reduction in the clean air fee per TEU for zero emission trucks is a good idea. Let’s hope it is enacted soon, and that electric trucks start being used at the ports.


Kim Link-Wills, Senior EditorWednesday, August 26, 2020


ITF Study on shipping alliances makes EC exemption decision ‘puzzling’

Why did the EU decide to extend shipping alliances’ rights?  This article in the Loadstar points to a short piece on Linked in calling attention to a study by Olaf Merk (and others) critiquing alliances and what they have done to the ocean shipping and port industries.

The study points out alliances were useful in the distant past, but today they are serving to consolidate ocean shipping, reduce offers and most every service, and they also put great pressure on ports to engage in competition on facilities, a costly endeavor that results in over-allocation of capital for the use of few lines.

I’ve attached the Merk etal. article below. He’s an eminent port and maritime economist, and what he writes should be taken seriously.


By Alex Lennane 22/11/2019


via Study on shipping alliances makes EC exemption decision ‘puzzling’ – The Loadstar

The Impact of Alliances on Container Shipping


Most business incentives don’t work.

We’ve already seen and heard of many instances where business incentives granted by governments to firms moving in have not produced results the politicians wanted.  Why is this?  Which incentives work?  Finally there’s a study that sheds light on this. It’s important advice for local and regional leaders.  One should always take economic research with a grain of salt; but if even a few awful cases could be prevented the benefits for local economies would be great.

Tim Bartik and John C. Austin November 4, 2019


via Most business incentives don’t work. Here’s how to fix them.

Here’s the PDF of the study by Bartik:

Bartik 2019 – Making Sense of Incentives_ Taming Business Incentives to Promote