House passes 2-month transportation funding bill

Well, what’s new?  I just talked yesterday (at Hult International School of Buisness in San Frasncisco) about the locks and dams as well as bridge and road deficiencies, and the inability of our government reps to make a decision on how to pay for necessary infrastructure work.

Let’s get on with it. Money spent on infrastructure repays many times over, by increasing facility in trading goods.  Competitive advantage and the related theories tell us that opening connections increase the pie for all.

American Shipper

House passes 2-month transportation funding bill | AS Daily Newsletter | AS Daily | American Shipper.

I’m worried that people will give up on providing any funding at all if we can’t show the leadership to take some action.   If we have to fall back on specific local measures there will be wholesale resistance from voters.  I’ve heard it in the streets from friends.  People can’t back large investments piecemeal if they don’t see an overarching plan for how the whole problem will be attacked.  Only the federal government can do that– not states, not localities.


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