Should Maersk invest in more Ultra Large Container Ships?

Jan Hoffman, President of the International Association of Maritime Economists and Chief, Trade Facilitation Section at UNCTAD, published these reflections on large container ships.  they’re on Linkedin Pulse.   Everyone’s talking about whether big ships should be built or not.  But he asks a good question, whether the conventional arguments are relevant.  Anyway, do we have any institutions capable of doing anything about the perfect competition in ocean shipping? He correctly points out that eliminating big ships and consolidation will lead to higher prices for delivered goods throughout the world, and consumers of these products will pay more.

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Containerships have never been bigger than today, container freight rates have never been lower, and never has so much container carrying capacity been idle. Not a trilemma, but three sides of the

Source: Three irrelevant reasons why Maersk & Co should not invest in more Ultra Large Container Ships | Jan Hoffmann | LinkedIn


One response to “ Should Maersk invest in more Ultra Large Container Ships?

  1. I think Maersk should invest in much bigger container ships to meet the increasing demand of their clients.


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