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2021 is the year of the freight service embargo

It’s not possible to book shipments anymore with some LTL carriers. Their capacity is full, and they don’t care if they get new customers. OnTrak (which delivers my vitamin pills) and Fedex recently said they were refusing new customers. The claims are that they are out of capacity– not enough planes, trucks and drivers— to deliver everything. There are other less visible bottlenecks, also, such as a shortage of trucks for sale due to the semiconductor shortage. There’s been a sort of crisis in drivers for trucks for quite a while, exacerbated by the recent enforcement of rules to prevent people who fail drug tests from getting commercial driver’s licenses. We wonder why employers don’t pay drivers more, and take more care to create working conditions more favorable to drivers.

Still, common carriers have an obligation to carry the freight presented. It will be interesting to see how far this goes, and when regulators will start crawling through these carriers’ records to see if they are unfairly denying carriage.

Eric Kulisch, Air Cargo Editor Thursday, August 19, 2021

Viewpoint: 2021 is the year of the freight service embargo – FreightWaves

Blockchain explained through college basketball

Here is the original article the Loadstar referred me to.  It is a picture a bit too rosy, perhaps, but quite clear.

It doesn’t say that blockchain’s smart contracts will turn logistics people from a handful of paper shufflers to a handful of logicians whose job is to read and prove out the code of smart contracts.  That code will be embedded and executed in a transaction, without oversight, so it had better be right. How do we prove that?  The arguments will shift from arguing about how the actual contract matches with what happens, and goes wrong– to arguing about both that, and whether the smart contract program had a bug in it.

I think there’s a new frontier for provability software, that can read a program and match it with some specs to see if it matches.  The computer mathematicians already have software that can inspect theorem proofs and say if they are valid or not.  I think we need similar software.

Remember every program has bugs.

screenshot-www.freightwaves.com 2018.02.21 07-36-08  Blockchain explained through college basketball — FreightWaves

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California Sustainable Freight Action Plan

California has released its Sustainable Freight Action Plan. It’s a great project, and as usual, the state is a leader, here making significant moves guiding improvement in the freight transportation triple bottom line.

screenshot-dot.ca.gov 2016-05-23 10-27-38

Source: California Sustainable Freight Action Plan  Read it online at the link. Here’s the actual plan:  pdf-icon-logo1  cfmp_appendix-complete

screenshot-metrans CITT logo 2016-05-23 10-59-49   Here’s a white paper from California State University Long Beach which was used in the deliberations.  PDF icon logoFreight Efficiency White Papers_Final Version