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New Paper Published

We just published an article in Research in Transportation Business and Management (RTBM). It’s called Fleet management for rail car transport of ethanol.

The “we” is Khalid Bachkar, Idrissu Aminu, Atif Osmani, and me.

The link here is good for 30 days; you can read for free. We hope you enjoy it.


Are You Keeping the Right Amount of Inventory?

An interesting case study of inventory. You can see that it still is an issue of great importance to businesses.

Accurate knowledge of demand flow is very important in predicting the amount of inventory to carry, if the product is selling fairly frequently.

The authors found that a few big customers were placing unusual big orders and that was driving outages.  We’ve known this for 30 or more years; I observed it at a disk drive company I was product manager for in Silicon Valley. Manage the big orders and you manage inventory.

But that does not reduce the value of inventory models and predictions of service level.



via Are You Keeping the Right Amount of Inventory?

Highlights from the 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study Part 2

Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest talks more about the 2018 version of the annual study of 3PLs by Dr John Langley. Blockchain is mentioned, but does not seem to be grabbing much mindshare among 3PL firms. It’s possible that’s because they don’t see how it will make their life easier or more profitable. In fact much of the press talk has been about how 3PLs will be negatively impacted by having to use a particular blockchain repository for their transactions, revealing them to everyone who is a member of that repository.  It’s a good question, and Dan reflects sagely on it.

I’ve included a link to the pdf of the report below. You can also get it by registering on Dr John Langley’s site.

Supply Chain Digest Logo  Special Topics Review Includes use of Blockchain, Automation and Digitization, and Talent Management

Source: Supply Chain News: Highlights from the 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study Part 2

Dr. John Langley of Penn State Leads Research Once Again; Dreaded 3PL IT Gap Jumps Higher after Falling for Many Years

Source: Supply Chain News: Highlights from the 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study part 1

Pdf of study:  3PL_2018_Study