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Plans primed to get more Ukrainian exports moving

Ukranian nationals can now work as seafarers abroad, to help relieve the shipping problems Ukraine has been seeing since the war with Russia started.

Russia and Ukraine have signed a Black Sea Grain Initiative which allows Ukranian goods to be shipped from three seaports in a safe corridor. Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat and other foodstuffs which are needed throughout the world. There’s a large inventory on hand from previous harvests. Fertilizer is also an export much needed in the rest of the world for agriculture. So far 44 ships carrying over 1 million tons have left through the seaports.

In a danger zone there is always a concern about seamen. Allowing Ukranians to serve as seamen will reduce the problem of finding crews for these vessels. Ukranian infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said Ukraine is ready to increase volumes to 3 million tons a month to prevent global food shortages.

Sam ChambersAugust 29, 2022

Plans primed to get more Ukrainian exports moving – Splash247

Shipping must have ‘well-to-wake’ emissions standards, says WSC

The World Shipping Council wants the maritime industry to use a ‘well-to-wake’ measure for ships’ emissions, rather than a simple CO2 measure at the stack. It’s a good point.

Ocean shipping firms will do only as much as is required. And the current picture based on the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s CII regulations, doesn’t require taking account of emission sources in the supply chain of fuels, or the greenhouse effect of process emissions such as methane leaks.

IMO’s own study shows that LNG may reduce smokestack emissions, but total greenhouse emissions are even greater than conventional fuel oil.

By Charlie Bartlett, Technology Editor 26/08/2022

Shipping must have ‘well-to-wake’ emissions standards, says WSC – The Loadstar

Ripples from Black Sea shipping crisis hitting regional supply chains

It is interesting to hear about changes in regional supply chains. The Ukraine war provides a chance to see what disruption occurred and how it is impacting routes to move cargo in the area of the Black Sea. This article covers the effects of the blockade of Ukranian ports.

Naturally costs have changed, and so have equipment imbalances.

Finally, the markets for freight into and out of the area have changed a lot. Many shippers and carriers have been actively looking for alternatives, and have needed to create some new ones.

And sanctions imposed by the EU and US have forced other changes.

By Daniil Melnychenko data analyst at Informall BG 26/07/2022

Ripples from Black Sea shipping crisis hitting regional supply chains – The Loadstar