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PierPass shelves permanent TMF plan as Long Beach calls for 24/7 supply chains

The problem with 24/7 operation at ports is that no one wants to pay for it. And that is despite the fact that the costs will probably wind up being added to the import cost and passed on to the shipper and customer.

It seems port executives and supply chain players differ in their view of what’s needed. Terminals and warehouse operators and perhaps even drayage firms don’t think 24-hour service is needed to relieve the current congestion. And the staffing costs of staying open 24/7 would rise, with a lot of potential dead time. It is also hard to find additional trained staff today.

Unions are resisting because they claim the port terminals and other unionized players are not willing to hire more union workers.

And the PierPass is being taken unfair advantage of; apparently some are charging higher fees for using the time slots in the hours outside normal working times. See the second article below, which claims PierPass is only incentivizing adjustments that make them more money, rather than enhancing the flow of goods.

Is it possible for port management to get control of this? It’s doubtful under the current port governance rules.

Perhaps we need even more involvement from the federal government or the FMC to get action.

By Ian Putzger in Toronto 14/02/2022

PierPass shelves permanent TMF plan as Long Beach calls for 24/7 supply chains – The Loadstar

Kim Biggar February 14, 2022


Container terminal operators can’t invest if shipping alliances squeeze prices too tight

An example of why supply chain cooperation is so hard. And the problems it will bring to customers.  Individual motives tend to supersede customer interests. Yet success will only be achieved with cooperation. 


Rotterdam’s Terminals: Fierce Competitors

The competition was visible when I visited in 2013.  And it is even more intense now.  Thanks to Ana Casaca for sharing the link.

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Drewry: Rotterdam’s Terminals to Become Fierce Competitors | World Maritime News.