STB rolls out proposed reciprocal switching regulations

The proposed new regulations are opposed by the AAR as we might expect. Rules have not been updated since 1985. The finding is a small modification. Rails who want switching from another line need only show it is in the interest of lowering overall costs, not that the other line is behaving monopolistically.

Something must be done to loosen up the switching rules.  Rails argue that it would be costly and prevent them from making large capital investments. But when you consider that since the 1880’s rails have benefited from free land …

I agree with the last paragraph in the article:  this rule should keep the lawyers busy! 2016-07-29 09-49-14  New regulations focused around reciprocal switching were proposed by the Department of Transportation’s Surface Transportation Board (STB) yesterday.

Source: STB rolls out proposed reciprocal switching regulations

Thanks to author Jeff Berman for the article!


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