State of Freight II Report

The second State of Freight report is out.  We should listen to it because one thing Trump expects to do is spend big money on, guess what, infrastructure construction projects.   If he gets rid of EPA regulations, we can see these move forward quickly, for better or worse.  Reports such as this will provide important input to the choice process.

The report comes a year after Congress made dedicated freight funding a priority, with almost $11 billion in funding for freight mobility in dedicated freight funds as part of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, the report also notes how states will have a key role in how the U.S. plans for freight movement and what projects will be completed.

Source: State of Freight II Report Takes Wide-Ranging View of U.S. Infrastructure’s Needs – Supply Chain 24/7

Here’s the actual report in PDF format: aapa_state_of_freight_reportii


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