‘Synchro-modality’ the key to solving congestion problems at Europe’s ports

And what is this ‘synchro-modality’?

Barge operators in Europe are calling for greater cooperation between ocean carriers, port terminals, and barge operators to make sure the goods flow smoothly to and from ships, port terminals and barges.

Barges, like containerships, take up quay space. The very large container ships now take up a lot of berth space, and it can be hard to schedule in the much smaller barges. So detailed joint planning is needed to make the loading and unloading happen as quickly as possible. It will only be possible if all the parties involved in moving the containers cooperate. And that will include warehouses and trucks as well.

A good prescription for future cooperation? I’m not sure, but somehow cooperation and sharing of information is essential.

By Alexander Whiteman 20/10/2021

‘Synchro-modality’ the key to solving congestion problems at Europe’s ports – The Loadstar

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