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Ever Given to miss Hamburg call on safety grounds

The saga of the Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal for days, goes on. It is sailing again with cargo, but can’t land everywhere, due to restrictions on its propulsion and speed. It is skipping Hamburg.

All this means that many shippers won’t get their cargo soon, despite having paid the general average fees for the disaster. And quite a few have not yet paid the fees.

Anyone who needs the cargo is out of luck till it is discharged and moved on through its supply chain.

I hope the shippers have found alternate ways to get replacement s to those who really needed it on time. But I doubt it.

Ever Given to miss Hamburg call on safety grounds

16 July 2021

Port Technology International Team Ports and Terminals, Shipping Lines

Ever Given to miss Hamburg call on safety grounds – Port Technology International


Cathay Pacific strips seats from 777 aircraft for cargo

I am fascinated by this article. What an innovative solution!

Many years ago my family and I took a trip to Guatemala. One of the highlights of my trip was going to see the Maya ruins at Tikal, which is in the jungle in the central Peten area far east of Guatemala City. There aren’t any roads to get there, so you had to fly.

We got on our plane (a DC-3) at the Guatemala City airport. All seats were occupied with passengers going to the jungle area. The flight was one of those hedgehoppers, only a couple of thousand feet above the ground, right above the trees. We made several stops.

Finally we arrived at the town of Flores, on the shores of Lake Peten Itza. The stewardess (that is what they were, then!) informed us that the stop would be for a while, and we were allowed out on the tarmac in the steaming heat to wait while they refueled the plane.

As we watched, a group of men went into the plane. We wondered what they were doing. In a few minutes they started emerging, each one carrying a plane seat. This went on for a half hour, as many seats in the plane were removed and stacked on the tarmac.

Eric Kulisch Monday, August 10, 2020

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