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Tensions rise in UK haulage as surcharges see drivers playing ‘musical chairs’

The UK, with Brexit, has been one of the hardest hit nations with driver shortages. Here is some talk on the situation.

Apparently driver shortage surcharges are being added by some carriers, claiming all the money goes to drivers. Who believes that? Some think other carriers are also doing it but not calling it specifically for drivers. Any carrier may or may not be keeping the surcharge themselves, as there is no documentation of where it is going.

By Alexander Whiteman 26/08/2021

Tensions rise in UK haulage as surcharges see drivers playing ‘musical chairs’ – The Loadstar

Cheers to that! Heineken first customer for zero-emission inland vessel

It’s fitting that a beer company would be the first customer for an electric ship on inland canals.

The ship is unique, because it uses rcontgainers of rechargable batteries as power. The containers can be swapped at either end of the voyage to renew the power source.

Inland waterway traffic in Europe is very important to reduce the level of pollution fom trucks. Most EU countries have set goals to increase the amount of inland waterway barge traffic, to reduce the trucks on the road. This vessel is even better, since it does not generate any emissions at all, whereas a diesel barge would generate some.

Hope they get more of them!

7 September 2021 Port Technology International Team

Cheers to that! Heineken first customer for zero-emission inland vessel – Port Technology International

Six operators join to form the UK’s largest logistics company

Alex Lennane has written in the Loadstar about the merger or assimilation of six UK diverse logistics firms under one management.  Perhaps this is what’s necessary to get firms to work together– a bigger hammer.  If they cannot learn to do it on their own, let’s put them together under one management.

However, this approach is fraught with issues. Most mergers do not reach the state of grace they envisioned, because of resistance to change within.  And much of the value of a firm is in its people, and their skills at dealing with the countless exceptions that mark any business.   Another is the heterogeneity of the businesses– every firm in a merger thinks their way of doing something has to work that way for them.  It might not be true, or it might, but even thinking it draws boundaries that can take considerable effort to crack.

We will have to see if this new management structure generates rewards the size the PE firm expects.  Of course if they just make something big enough to sell publicly with temporary results, that will be enough for them to make their money and pass the risk on.


via PE firm puts six operators together to form the UK’s largest logistics company – The Loadstar