Terminal partnerships may respond to larger container shipping alliances?

And why shouldn’t port terminals form alliances?  The rationale is the same as for liners: it might save capital expense for the ports and terminals when it isn’t being used.  And the problems are the same: how can we keep an alliance together for long enough for realized gains to  be seen by everyone, at lest enough so they won’t depart the alliances.   It’s a classic cooperative game scenario.  I don’t believe it’s been looked at yet.  One thing you can be sure of:  a pricing scheme will not guarantee stability of any alliance coalition.  There will need to be side payments, or a scheme based on some other algorithm than easily measured price.

I have a paper to be presented at IAME2016 in Hamburg on a similar problem with equipment pools for ports.

   The creation of larger container shipping alliances is proving a headache for terminals as the deal with growing volatility

Source: Could terminal partnerships answer the challenge of larger container shipping alliances? – The Loadstar


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